Dry Skin

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Dry Skin is lacking in oil (as opposed to water, which is dehydration, a skin condition) & generally has small pores. It is more prone to loss of elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles & may have flaky patches. This skin type needs a skin care regime to replace lost oil, to firm, nourish, smooth, to soften existing & prevent further fine lines & wrinkles.

It’s a challenge having dry skin. Whether it’s due to genetics, medications, hormones, the environment or the elements, no one likes the feeling of skin that feels one size too small!

Essential and other natural oils bring relief to dry skin, by treating, nourishing and smoothing the skin. Perfectly natural and skin loving, these oils go deep into the skin cells to treat dry skin.

There are many oils that a dry skin loves:

Rosehip oil is nature’s superfood, rich in Vitamin C, essential fatty acids & Vitamin A. Rosehip oil is beautifully repairing and hydrating for dry or damaged skin.

Argan oil is another wonderfully exotic oil, which is rich in Vitamin E & essential fatty acids. It is truly regenerating and nourishing, skin feels soft & plump, making it excellent for very dry skin types.

Rosehip C02 is the ultimate super serum for age defiance containing a concentrated blend of oils rich in vitamins & omega oils. Using a gentle C02 extraction process which results in high preservation of nutrients for pure, potent & superior activity.

Packed full of vitamins, plant botanicals & essential oils, the Almond Cleanser, Moisturiser & Papaya Toner are simple three step daily skin care products that are a must for effective maintenance of a healthy skin & anti-ageing prevention.

Sweet almond oil, macadamia oil and hazelnut oil are nature’s richly hydrating nut oils. A dry skin feels plumped and softened with these wonder oils, and at ECO. we utilise these skin-caring oils in our products to ensure dry skin is banished for good!