Oily Skin

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Oily Skin has excess oil (or shine) and large, visible pores. It can be coarse in texture. This skin is prone to breakouts & acne. It can be imbalanced & have visible redness & flaky patches from excess oil. Any age may have an oily skin type, however it is more prevalent in teen years with the onset of puberty & changes in hormone levels. 

This skin needs a skin care regime to calm & provide oil control whilst keeping the skins moisture levels balanced. Harsh products can strip this skin of it’s protective layer, decreasing it’s immunity & causing loss of vital hydration.

Vitamin A is especially helpful for oily skin, as its “normalizing” properties manages the skins oil production and helps the skin recover and heal from breakouts. Vitamin A will maintain good hydration levels whilst managing oil production.

Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils are excellent for oily skins prone to acne, with Lavender’s healing & anti-inflammatory properties & Tea Tree's antibacterial properties, these combine to control the dreaded breakouts.

ECO's Tea Tree Face Wash and Face Gel are specifically designed to help manage & treat symptoms of oily & acne skins: inflammation, excessive oil production & bacteria resulting in clearer, healthier skin.