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Using the best natural ingredients, each oil is a powerful addition to your skincare routine. From the anti-ageing properties of our acclaimed Certified Organic Rosehip Oil to the rich luxury of our Certified Organic Argan Face Oil, they each offer a salon quality product. ECO. products contain pure essential oils, plant extracts & active vitamins. Natural combined with the latest cutting edge technology delivers safe, effective, active skin care.

ECO. products are defined by quality & integrity. Ingredients are sourced from ethical sources for social & environmental integrity. ECO. sources its raw material based on the best possible means of delivering efficacy into each and every product. This includes sourcing our essential oils and carrier oils from countries where the plant material grows best both climatically and seasonally, as well as choosing those that contain the best active constituents to perform accordingly to the high standards we set. We use vitamins with proven effective results rather than in name only, and all ingredients are tested in house before any products are released for sale.

An example of one of the core ECO. ingredients, Australian tea tree is famous for its anti bacterial and anti microbial properties. A key to this is the fact is, unlike other tea tree oil grown in other parts of the world such as China and South Africa, it has a minimum 40% terpinene-4-ol and minimum amounts of cineole meaning it is effective in use as an anti bacterial and anti microbial.







Certified Organic skincare is produced with approved ingredients and must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients. The remaining 5% is often due to antioxidants or minerals that are outside the categorization of organic or non-organic. Organic is not just “chemical free”. It is a whole system or holistic means of growing and handling natural resources. The whole system is linked - Soil. Plants. Animals. Food. People. Environment. Certified Organic products are produced from ingredients grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Organic is an innovative method of farming and production – and is increasingly being recognised as being on the leading edge of food and fibre technology.

The best way you can be assured you are buying an organic product is to purchase those which are independently certified by a credible organisation. Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s leading certifying organisation. The ACO BUD can only be used on packaging of products that have achieved certification through the ACO certification scheme.



In order to guarantee that products are organic, they need to be certified. Organic certification involves auditing an operation’s methods to ensure that they comply with the guidelines of organic production. Over 70% of organic certified operators in Australia are granted permission to use the ACO logo, which we affectionately refer to as the “BUD”. Standards setting follows a highly transparent process with the industry’s key stakeholders providing input via approx. a dozen Australian Organic Advisory Groups. These standards are upheld by rigorous auditing of operations and a third party report reviewing process.

This process itself is audited by authorities worldwide for ACO to maintain its accreditation as an international certifier. Wholesalers, retailers and consumers alike all know that the BUD logo is their guarantee of organic integrity. Every step of the process must be audited according to the Organic Standard to be able to market a product using the sought-after organic BUD logo.