Skin Conditions

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Skin conditions are something that happens to your skin due to many different factors: incorrect or harsh skin care, medication, diet & lifestyle, hormones, environmental elements e.g. sun exposure, extreme temperatures. They can also be hereditary.

Skin conditions include sensitivity, dehydration, acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, pigmentation, redness, premature ageing (loss of elasticity, fine lines & wrinkles). Skin conditions can be a temporary or ongoing issue. It is advised to firstly analysis your skin type, and then choose correct products to suit your skin type & treat your skin condition.

ECO. has all your skin conditions covered: Skin Rescue Serum with jojoba, lavender & calendula will repair and calm sensitivity & dryness. Coconut oil is excellent to soften & moisturize a dehydrated skin. For pigmentation, Vitamin C , Certified Organic Pigmentation & Vitamin E & Flower serums all work to treat pigmented & discolouration in skin. Vitamin C & Vitamin A are powerhouse serums, & along with our superfood Rosehip & Argan oils, help fight the signs of premature ageing.


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